Custom Logo Design – Creative and Distinctive Identity for Your Brand

Creating cutting-edge and catchy logo can definitely boost the online presence of your brand. Custom logo design is one of the marketing mantras that are being used by big businesses. You can let your imaginations fly and the professional logo designers will execute it with finesse. The most recognized brand like Nike has a simple yet impactful logo the “Swoosh” created by Carolyn Davidson. The thought is very clear-cut behind it as it represents the wings of the goddess of victory. ‘Keep it simple’ has reverted and expert designers are paying heed to it to woo the customers towards the business.

Typography has a decisive part to play in logo designing. In case of wordmark of Swiss style has been swept away by sans-serif fonts. We can find use of pure geometry in the basic components in the logo. More and more companies are following this trend to create a logo that can represent a company and its products in an uncomplicated manner and that speaks for itself.

Now, let’s take a glance at how an accurate logo can improve your business:

  • An apt logo not only makes your business card look it has other major benefits too, it can be game changer.

  • It can make your brand look more sophisticated and professional.

  • Catchiness will help the customers to remember your trademarked products.

  • A unique logo will make you stand out of the crowd in this competitive market.

All of these points holds true and you will be surprised to know that a custom logo design may actually alter customers’ behavior. Yes you heard it correct, according to a study conducted on consumer behavior it does affect. As per the study some of the designer students were shown Apple (which is called creative brand) and IBM logo for 13 milliseconds. They who saw the Apple logo performed appreciably better. It doesn’t mean that logo can make consumers more creative but, of course it has subtle affect on them, particularly when people become familiar with it. They can associate with the experience once they go for your products. As we can see the biggest and famous businesses are mostly recognized with their logos.

Plethora of icons and symbols are broadly used in logo creation to complete a concept and making it meaningfully executed. Even emojis are being used as the world demands them and sarcasm is also the word of time.

Some of the advanced techniques for logo Designing:

Spot Pics and Circles – Small symbols or Icon graphics are put snuggly inside circles and experts innovate with the texture, shape, and structure inside the small circles to make an apt one for your business.

Broad and Flat Logos – following the recent graphic designing trend for logo we can see that there is clear inclination more towards horizontal patterns that exceeds the boundaries noticeably and may stretching the imaginations too. Example – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP)

Above mentioned are the two basic custom logo designing techniques to woo the customers to go for your brand. So how you want your logo to be? Tell us at –


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