Guiding Principles for Illustrations About Character Art – Experts Opine

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Illustration is portrayal of thoughts and ideas in am artistic and interesting manner for the viewers. It can represent text, concept or a method that can be used in book covers, magazines, posters and so on. Now the concept has advanced and the illustration creating processes include drawing, painting, collage, 3D design and multimedia. These designs are generally associated with a touch of humor and creative creation. Mostly it’s used in children book cover on the very basic level. The beautiful characters depicted on the covers interests the children. At the highest level they are even used in movies. Most of us confuse between graphic designers and illustrators but there is a thin line of difference. For instance a graphic designer can be hired by a Illustrative Logo Designer Company, and visual representation of the required marketing materials. The work may include designing a website or visual message for conveying essence of the brand but a illustrator can create a website design.

Lets see some of the guiding information by famous illustrator

Brosmind –

We don’t use a scientific formula to create our characters, which are positive and optimistic; indeed that feeling comes naturally when we draw them. We’ve tried to do a retrospective analysis, and have identified some common aspects in all of them. “For example, they are usually walking in a manner reminiscent of classic slapstick cartoons. Also, they always seem to be smiling, even if they are missing some face parts or don’t have a face at all. A surreal detail, or touch of humor can be found in all of them.”

Dan Woodger

If I need a character to look as if he’s been up to no good, I’ll tilt the eyebrows up in the middle, raise the bottom of the eyelids and give him a big toothy smile. To finish, I’ll add a bead of sweat to emphasise the guilt.”

Gal Shkedi

“Another tip is to consider the design boundaries of your character; try to see how far the eyes can be from each other, what’s the best balance between the size of the head and the rest of the body?”

JamFactory (aka Gavin Strange)

“Play to your strengths. Personally, I can’t Mascot Character Design Company in mid-motion; I will never be a designer that can draw an elaborate set of characters to express movement, so for me the key is to keep it simple. My most elaborate design so far has been Shirley Creamhorn & Shithawk, a girl in a parka jacket with a poo on her head – that’s about as complex as it gets.”

These are some of the instructions that can be very helpful in creating character-driven illustration.


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