How print can be an impactful way of marketing

You must be thinking that print is an out dated concept thinking for ways to promote your brand. In the digital age where every facility and product is a click away why should you go for print medium, right? Probably this is not true completely. Print marketing is very much alive and savvy companies still use print method along with digital efforts to get the desired result. Marketing has shifted to digital ways but it is still very use for whole marketing and specific campaigns. You can also have proof through the CMI annual report of 2015. the report substantiates 3 leading B2B paid advertising process follow – SEO (66%), print for offline (57%) and conventional online banner ads by 55%.

So here are three ways to make your brand marketing strong mingling print and digital techniques. Attractive print design can always act as great medium for marketing your brand.

3 ways to merge print with digital

The vast majority of companies don’t combine their online and offline marketing campaigns because they don’t really know where to start. If this is true in your case, and you’re looking for some ideas regarding the best intersection points to begin merging digital and print marketing, look no further than the following three suggestions:

1. Use digital opt-ins for direct mailings

There’s so much back and forth between digital media and direct mailings. By learning how to maximize these interchanges, you can elevate the return from both ends.

Take print catalogs as an example. Everyone loves getting catalogs in the mail from brands that they shop with. While the information contained in the catalog is more than likely available online, there’s something about holding a colorful and vibrant magazine in your hands and physically turning the pages that seems more meaningful.

The good news is that catalog printing is quite affordable. The second positive is that you can kill two birds with one stone by getting people to opt-in to receive your direct mail catalog through a digital campaign and then use the predictability of direct mail to drive other aspects of your online campaign.

2. Use QR codes and personalized URLs

QR codes promised a lot when they were first introduced, but honestly, haven’t lived up to the hype. And while QR codes may not make a successful campaign on their own, they — along with personalized URLs — can complement some specific campaign goals.

The beauty of QR codes and personalized URLs is that they allow you to gain actionable insights into who your customers are and where they’re engaging with your print materials. It also allows you to bridge the divide between offline and online by encouraging offline customers to visit your website/landing page/social media profiles/etc.

3. Combine social media and in-store displays

In-person events are big for brick and mortar businesses, as well as any brand with a physical presence. During these events, you can obviously distribute print materials and engage in one-on-one conversations that build brand equity, but you should also be identifying opportunities to bring some of these offline customers online.


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