5 killer steps to logo design that your client want to see

Logo designing is on great demand today many of the organizations big or small can requires a logo or brand image to define them in the market. So it has become an integral part of branding today due to stiff competition in each and every sector of the business unit. People consider that designing a logo is a very simple task but in reality in the case of online branding through logo designing. Its impact depends on its uniqueness and creative concept which search engines also count upon. Now the question arises that how can it be done to ensure the better impact on the viewer’s mind.

So let’s see what are those steps which need to be followed here in keeping it unique and attractive

  1. Be clever & unique:- A logo is that thing which distinguishes one brand from another. So the image which you are using it should stand out distinct from the rest to stand ahead in the competition. Thinking out of the box is the main focus behind each and every logo designer to establish its brand image in the mind of its target audience.

  1. Understand the product/service of the brand:- It is essential to understand the product or service of the brand because otherwise, it would become irrelevant to the brand image to bank upon. As a logo is the introduction of the brand so proper understanding of the services and products is essential to reflect it on the image or design. As for example if Tata motors use the design of a cement manufacturing firm then it does not goes with its product line and hence can be treated as irrelevant and meaningless. So these things should be taken care off while designing.

  2. Selection of colors: – Color selection is one of the most vital parts of logo designing as colors define the personality of a brand. Some designers are in a practice of using a very vibrant color in their design but initially, it can catch the attention of its viewers but in the long run, it may create a negative impact in the mind of its viewers. So you need to be very cautious about the color selection process. Every color has a psychological impact towards its viewers. Every color has its own meaning and uniqueness. So it is essential to understand its impact on the designing process.

  3. Keep it easy and flexible:- It is very important that the logo should be very simple and flexible in nature. It should be able to clearly display the idea or purpose behind its creation to create a long-term impact in the mind of its audience. A good design reflects the idea of products/services of the brand very easily. In the digital age, everybody uses different electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, apps, icons, avatars and prints where it should fit in a flexible & attractive way.

  4. Don’t expect an Instant success: – Yes! it’s practical and true because sometimes you may have created an excellent logo but due to other factors like product success rate or service quality the company may suffer losses initially but it does not mean that your logo is performing badly digitally and don’t tamper it time and again.


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