Web header :- An important part of website design

Typically header and footers are one of the essential element of a website. The reason behind this is that they contain links where customers want to visit before making any purchase.

So this is the most important areas of a website as all the links are connected here. This is not the dumping ground for placing all the stray links and should be used to its full potential to drag the viewers to the targeted page of the website from where they can be easily converted into a prospective lead.

Colors and style should be designed carefully because people will first land on that page of your site. So proper relevant styles and color usage there is a very important part here. It actually sets the tone of your site from where you can get maximum traffic for your website. So it is essential that judicious usage of this place should be done by the designers and developers of your company.

It is very important that all the relevant eye-catching information should be given in the header section. So that to encourage your customer to visit all the pages of your website. You can also place the name & logo of your company for adding your USP. It is essential because you need to make your customers understand that why they should avail the services of your company and say no to your competitors in the same service line. Here in this section, you can add attractive offers, discounts, your value added services, excellent service quality etc. Thus this is the place which can benefit you the maximum. If any coupon offer or you reduce the price of any of your services you can use this panel to inform your customers about the same.

If you display your logo then it is important that it should be clickable to provide an easy way to your customers so that they can return to the homepage of your website. It is advisable that there should be always a means by which customers can contact you. Whether by inserting your telephone number or inserting a link to your contact us page or both. To increase the action on your website. Another means can be used regarding this is that adding social media icons like Facebook, twitter, Linked In. So that customers can connect you to your social media sites.

Just like the website header web footer is also a very important part of the website design as it gives you the last chance to grab the attention of your customers and encourage them to take actions. Such as requesting a purchase or generate an inquiry.

Today maximum of the companies uses mega footers to grab the attention of your website. It consists of all the information to uphold the chances of increased sales.

Thus Web header is an integral and an important part of the website which should be considered seriously to get the maximum traffic for the website.


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