History Behind the Logo Design of Renowned brands in the world

Tata group is one of the largest conglomerates in India. It has spread its wings in more than 80 countries in the world.It is being headquartered in Mumbai and comprises of 114 companies and subsidiaries in 8 different business sectors. It was just a short description of the Tata Group.

Now let’s see the main Elements which the logo of Tata group is designed

They are one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Their logo appears in almost all types of vehicles like on buses, passenger cars, dump trucks, ambulance & cement mixers. Thus they enjoy the privilege of on road branding using their logo in front of their manufactured vehicle.

Shape & color of the Tata Logo Design

Tata group has gone through a continuous rebranding phase from 1998 to 2000.All their vehicles have featured three-dimensional TATA logo. In the real sense, Indica car has the straight line ‘T’ in the ring. But now the Iconic blue colored logo of TATA was created by Wolf Olins. A famous London-based Designing consultancy firm. The Logo of TATA has a very deep inner meaning in it. It resembles fluidity. It also signifies a fountain of knowledge and a big tree which gives shelter to all. The blue color in it resembles the prosperity, strength, and reliability.

Thus this was the short but interesting history behind the logo design of Tata Group that is unknown to many people.

Now let’s gather the knowledge of another history of a great brand in the world Adidas

Adidas is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in Europe and the second largest in the entire world. The three stripes in the Adidas logo represent a mountain which represents the aims and goals that are lying ahead. Adi Dassler and Rudolf Dassler the owner and the two brothers of Adidas created this logo to inspire the athletes by providing them the finest quality of the product in the market.

Now let’s explore the design elements of the Adidas logo

This logo is designed to influence the mass audience with elegance and simplicity

Shape of the Logo

Three stripes of the logo are the embodiment represents exceptional performance with undying efforts to achieve their set goals and also represent the goodwill and reputation of the company.

Color of the Logo

The color of the logo being black is not a mere coincidence it just influences the young athletes to strive forward in the career to achieve the preset goals.

Thus this was the story behind the well-known brand’s logo designing history that is very rich in knowledge and interesting facts to know about., That is why well-known brands today also gives emphasis on attractive and meaningful logo designing to showcase the brand’s attitude towards its target audience in their business awareness program. That is the reason why logo is face of any company to take care upon while preparing it.


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