How can you create Website menu with AngularJS instantaneous

AngularJS is a largely used JavaScript framework that is used to create web application and streamline the development process created by engineers of Google for supporting all type of front-end web development process. Typically it’s an open source structure that efficaciously addresses the challenges of website and app development and ensures to provide comprehensible coding by using simple HTML codes. With fast improvements and growing popularity, it is rather difficult to think the development of web pages without the use of AngularJS.

With the help of this framework, designers can implement HTML as the template language and it enables to use extensions of HTML’s syntax to run the application’s components easily. Angular facilitates with the codes that otherwise you have to write twice, saving time too. It is associated with SPA generally for app building including features such as – Two-way binding, templating, RESTfulapi, AJAX implementing and more.

Though there are several advantages of Angular that are extensively used by the developers are:

Dependency Injection: it refers specific website design pattern in which elements are given their dependencies in place of actual coding them in the component.

Expressive User Interface: AngularJS mainly uses HTML to support the frameworks for creating user interfaces which ease the developers work in writing the whole JS codes. If compare it with JavaScript, HTML is much simple and avoids complexities among the codes, and helps to create user-friendly websites that have great functionality and files are lighter.

Two-Way Data Binding: one of the reasons for its high popularity is its two-way data binding facility. This functionality means any modifications made in the application objects instantaneously impacts the user interface and converse. In this structure both the module changes and user actions at a time.

Testing: This JavaScript framework is built in such a way that you can test right from the beginning. So it’s simple to check or test any of its components by the unit testing and end-to-end testing.

Modal View Controller (MVC) Design Architecture: Most of the times the frameworks only develop the applications for mobile devices and don’t define them in MVC architecture. While this can easily be done through AngularJS web development as it brings the application codes together. This reduces the app development time remarkably and also decreases the app’s time to hit the market.

Now let’s focus on the creating of menu

Each and every website has a navigation menu whether it’s a conventional or contemporary single-page design. Menus should be the most simple to be understood by the visitor and function on user input. The menu can also include animation effects and Angular supports it very well by adding a little HTML and CSS.

For example, use the “md-menu-origin” and “menu-align-target” features to ensure the alignment of the menu elements is properly done. For customizing the events that open and close near to the menu $ and $mdMenu.close can be used. This can be implemented for triggering a menu on hover, in place of click.


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