Simple techniques to magnify marketing ROI with A/B testing

To start with let’s focus on what is A/B testing? It’s also called split or bucket testing in which two different versions of a web page or app is compared against each other to check the better functionality. AB testing is a crucial experiment where the user gets to see two or more versions of a page at random, and the data is used to discern which version performs well for set conversion goal. And if we talk about the landing page AB testing then the process becomes trickier as compared to testing an email campaign. You can use tools like Google website optimizer to conduct the test.

Why should you do AB testing?

This testing allows companies or individuals to make the required changes or improvement in the user experience with the help of the collected data from the testing. AB testing can be extensively used to improve the user experience of a user continuously aiming at improving the objectives like conversion rate. For example, a B2B company can want to increase their sales conversion quality and the number of leads with the help of the landing page. And to reach the objective and fulfilling the goal, AB testing is the effective tool make the improvements is visual imagery, form construction, the title or headline call to action and the complete format of the page. Testing each change singly supports to understand the exact change required that can effect on the user behavior and which had no impact on user experience. This will help to improve the complete optimization of the page making way to quality leads.

Now let’s see what are the elements to be tested for increasing ROI:

Landing Page – As mentioned above it landing page optimization can be perfectly done with the help of AB testing. Definitely, you will want your website to create engagement from commencement. It’s a daunting situation to create the proper layout, color combination, fonts and the content to entice the audience and enticing them to coming back again and again. You will also need to know the most traffic inviting origins, so the testing will help you to shape the landing page in a way to boost the business.

Shopping Cart and Checkout – site abandonment while the processing of checkout remains the vulnerable point for most of the buyers. Hence, the optimization of this phase is a prime requisite in the customer’s buying process can multiply the ROI hugely. What are the liable changes that can engage the customers to be on board and what annoys them to drop off? The A/B test should be done for:

  • Guest checkout compared to registration

  • Free shipping and fixed charges apply

  • Various payment modes

  • The steps involved in the checkout process

Segmenting Experience – At present, marketing addressing the target audience and touch of personalization ensure high competitive advantage. Creating a customer-oriented experience for the customer us not only the way to the successful future of the business but also benefits an exceptional ROI. And advanced testing is the key to as it helps to ascertain that the right message is delivered to the right consumer at the proper time.

Email marketing – Email remains a cost-effective effecting marketing equipment now also. The approx rate of traffic it can fetch for a website is 17% or a little more. But optimizing the email can, of course, raise the bar and give substantially improved results. The points of testing:

  • various subject lines

  • Different formats

  • Targeted content


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