Some useful ways to fetch maximum traffic to your website

One of the major hurdles in getting the online business successful is the lack of traffic to the website. Sometimes its also heard that a substantial percentage is lost after few months or a year and business owners continuously search for ideas from digital marketers to drive back the relevant traffic and further improve upon it.

The following article will try to elucidate the marketers and business entrepreneurs some useful, actionable points for constant inflow of relevant traffic for your website or blog. Where all the tips may be yield result promptly but some will start acting for generating remarkable results.

1. Choose Long-tail keywords – The single keyword for the website pages school of thought has long lost its significance. The post you create must hold the keyword naturally and topic should be related but non-promotional.

2. Add a forum to your website – A forum can interest the audience majorly and it can rank easily by a long-tail keyword. This can also reduce the bounce rate of the site and increase the time of visitors stay-time.

3. Connect to Facebook group – You can either start or join a relevant group to drive the huge amount of traffic or create a group your self. Starting an industry specific group and sharing information and answers to the people comments will gain traffic to your website, within no time.

4. Post your content to StumbleUpon as its a hub of visitors.

5. Use your email list to promote your contents – like the blog post, articles. The valuable content with the link back to your website or blog can increase the traffic, lead generating leading to sales.

6. Participate in Quora – Answering to the questions that are connected to your niche with a valid link to your website or blog or any other link of the website that can be useful for the readers of that particular question. You can get good number of referral traffic.

7. Remove irrelevant Google sitelinks – These links get generated automatically, but you can off course demote them those you don’t want to be shown as this can enhance the chances useless URLs getting listed. And this can be done from Google Search Console.

8. Be on YouTube – With the soaring popularity of video creation, a video that describes the working process of your brand can increase the traffic to manifolds along with credibility.

9. Use categories wisely – You must organize your content into exact categories as this is very catalyzing for SEO and equally helpful for the audience to find the proper content they are looking for.

10. Concentrate and implement the strategies that will work for you – It’s not following the trend or do what others are doing. Check the Analytics details for knowing the traffic fetching points and work on those areas.

11. Connect with the relevant niche – This may sound cliché, but having good relations with the bloggers or the other influencers can improve the numbers of organic inbound links and referral traffic.

12. Slideshare creation and sharing – When you create a content for slide share and promote it can also serve as a content that will drive traffic as its image-based is better conceived by target audiences. Just ensure that you add the linkback to the Slideshare content.

13. Run Webinars – Webinars can fetch new potential customers while inviting guests, or advertise, this will result in promoting the brand as well as your webinar too.

14. Run YouTube Ads – Even if you can’t create videos, you can find videos on YouTube that the most viewers watch that can be part of your target audience. You can run the adds there.

15.User Retention – Once you achieve huge traffic, this is no enough. Retention is very important which you can be done with the help of Social or a conversion through SEO as most of them do not go for the final action until they come back few more times and culminate to buy.



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