Changing trends of digital marketing in 2017

There has been a drastic change in the digital marketing trends in 2017. At a very fast pace the tools and techniques of digital marketing are changing. Due to the increase rate of competition in global market every business website tries to outshine other with its innovative features application in their website. There are more new latest technologies are coming in the market in 2017 to change the entire Digital marketing procedure and to start a new era of marketing activity.

So let’s see what are those changes which are coming in digital marketing world:-

1) New products roll in the form of brand revolution:- As consumers have become more prone to social media. So it has now become very much essential for the brands that they keep on promoting their products with all its videos,info graphics, and business messages through various social media platforms. To reduce the chances of annoyance brands are creating creative ads to ensure brand engagement in social media.

2) A.I. solutions to meet customer expectation:- Artificial intelligence will we used to understand the consumer behavior in advance to meet their growing need. With the application of these technologies it ensures better brand engagement than before. As analytics tool help out marketeers to understand in a more refine way that what the consumers are searching for & who are your real time target audience.

3) Niche Curation sort out the information overload:- Today consumers have less time to read a whole out of contents to make a buying decision. So now the trend is coming where crisp and related information of the brand products or services will be present in the content. That is the reason why most of the content writers are now using product related information to grab the customers attention.

4) Mobile Devices forge on prompt decision making:- With the increase in number of app creation for every online store and even small businesses are developing apps to promote their brand awareness in the market. That is the reason why most of the app development agencies are now updating customized features to support the branding activity effectively.

5) Consistent hammering of a brand product through banner ads:- Banner ads , pop ups ,disruptive brand messages,and in stream ads today make the branding action much more powerful than ever. Consumers are bound to engage with this promotions and may reach on a purchasing decisions.

Thus it is being expected that 2017 will bring the new era in Digital marketing world. So to keep up the pace with the changing trends. It is essential that brands should introduce updated features in their business websites to enhance their marketing activity.

That is why most of the brands today using various new and innovative platforms of social and digital media to promote their branding activity. So it is being expected that well known brands of various countries across the globe will adopt these new changes to boost up their marketing activity.



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