Get ideas about Brand recognition

Every brand wants to have the maximum brand awareness to flourish the business best. For a cutting-edge approach to cut through the noises of the competitors here are some interesting points you need to check:

Use Social Media techniques

79% of the user login to social media interaction through Facebook and it remains the most popular platform. Twitter — 24%, Pinterest — 31%, Instagram 32%, Linked in 29%. These are the user engagement rates of the most used social channels. This high popularity substantiates that promoting your brand on these channels can fetch maximum traffic to your website and leads to real conversions.

Create a unique PR campaign

Gaining media or press attention through a free advertising can work well. You can get new customers within no time. The difficult part is to come out with some interesting with newsworthy points that can convince potential consumers easily. It also depends on the targeted media, whether local, national or international and which platform you select i.e. print, Radio or through TV.

The simplest way is to conduct a PR. Do a survey in the related field and focus the newsworthy results that can highlight your brand. Or you may use hashtags like #pressrequest or #journorequest.

Manage an experiential stunt

When you are targeting existing and new consumers nothing can match the increase in brand awareness than an experienced stunt. The best part it can be useful for B2B and B2C companies. For example, if you organize a road show or a pop-up on street, it can gain your brand maximum awareness.

Get into the video marketing

Video marketing is getting popular very rapidly like the fire in the forest. With the astonishing number of 8 billion views through Facebook live video even overshadowing the 5 million of YouTube views per day makes clear the skyrocketing public preferences. When you create a great video content for promoting your products, services or brand there are high chances that you ca reach the potential customers. Even promoting the video on the social channels will make your customers interested in your brand.

Go for content marketing

Content marketing is in use for past few years now but still, is considered a strong marketing tool at large. The advantages are many like increasing relevant traffic, improving rank on search engine, accelerates lead generation for making your brand a reputable name in the industry. The most useful and common way is blogging regularly, you can create infographics, PPT’s and more.

These are the 5 effective tips that can help you market your brand effectively.

making your brand popular but with the understanding of the customer’s perspective, you can think of creative ideas yourself.



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