Advanced Editor version introduced in Adwords making campaign creation simpler

With the newly added features in AdWords Editor 12 it also allows custom rules, quicker account downloads, and ease for bidding to utmost conversions and much more. Though it’s done after 3 years, Google (NASDAQ) has launched this Version 12 of the editor, it will really make the campaign management easy by following the innovative rules made by the company.

Now, if you are new in this industry and unaware of what an AdWords Editor is, then let me help you out with this. To start with it’s a free app that enables you to download your ad campaigns, do the required editing with the available tools and upload those to Adwords. The best part is, you can work offline without bothering about the internet.

And talking about the new version, its an improvement on the last version 11 with an array of features to almost address all the requirements of a campaign like UI to scalability and more. Version 11 was launched in December 2014 followed by periodic updates from the Version 11.8

Check out what are the new features:

Custom rules

It facilitates to create and make changes in the custom rules. The inbuilt rules can be changed to address the other special requirements of campaigns. If the set ideas don’t work you can pause them in bulk or even the specific one. If the edits made by you in the campaigns give rise to any violation of best practices, you will get notified beforehand. The notification will show an error.

Bidding to Utmost Conversions

Google’s Maximize Conversions technique eventually sets the best bid for every ad and enables you to get the maximum from the ad spend. Implementation of advanced machine learning, this factor enables to customize each bid and auction time.

New optional sections for Mobile-friendly ads

In this Version 12 of AdWords Editor, many optional sections have been provided to make the ads better responsive. The ads are modified automatically to set in the available ad space for on various sites. So, the native banner and dynamic text ads will get shapes accordingly. Adjustable ads covers ‘4:1 logo,’ ‘Price Prefix,’ and ‘CTA text.’ These features are really time-saving and lucrative, especially in the case of the multiple campaigns.

Making and modifying of Universal App Campaigns

The maximum number of videos and images you can use for universal app campaign creation is 20. Then the created apps can be boosted within other apps and mobile-friendly websites on the Display Network along with YouTube and Google Search.


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