Pillars of modern website design

A simply optimized website is not enough in today’s competitive market. New factors need to be considered while designing a website for a brand. Content is considered as one of the most important part of website development. So in this case the consumer’s view to see a content has also changed. Modern & updated design, aesthetic and navigational considerations are taken care off while designing into the architecture of modern website development. One of the basic objective of website is to increase the conversion rate for your brand. There are basically five pillar approach of modern day web design.

  • Design

  • Usability

  • SEO

  • Content

  • Integration


A simple, clean engaging design is necessary for an effective website design. There are various brands in the market who spend huge amount of time and money in marketing and over optimizing a website. The reality is that there should be a perfect balance between looks and the content of the website. It should be modern but it should be informative enough to answer all the queries of a customer. For SEO performance also the structure of the website, content and design is important. The website’s navigation should be smooth enough to increase user engagement. The design and the content must compliment each other. So that it does not create any confusion in the mind of the viewer.

Usability:- Website development involves two important aspects of consideration from the point of view of the users.

First is the Information architecture:- It relates to content structure of the website.

Second is the Technical architecture:- It relates to crawlability, cannonicalization and indexing.

Proper eye tracking studies and user experience should be taken in to consideration while designing the website. A clear and concise headline should be used to catch the reader attention. Typography , color text and background should be catchy enough to hold the clients attention.


For getting effective results from the website it is essential that marketing and technical concepts should align with one another. There are certain steps which can ensure effective SEO for a website. Some of this steps includes building friendly URL structure. So that it becomes easy for search engine to understand what the URL is all about. If proper XML and HTML site maps are used then it can be helpful for search engine crawlers to correctly index your site. Relevant and descriptive post title should be written to make search engine crawlers easy to navigate.


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