Know Why And How Your Website Can Get Hacked

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While the complete corporate arena is operating online, there persists an apprehension about our online representation being intruded. That is, there always lurks a chance of a website getting hacked and all our credibility and profits are brought to nil within no time. And it is a thing that happens every day and any site can fall prey to it without any distinction on who they are. If you have designed an e-commerce website through reputable  Web Designing Company and it gets hacked, there is a high chance that the customer’s detail can get compromised and you lose their loyalty towards the brand as their information seems unsafe with you. This can be seen as the major problem with a website being hacked.

Why has my website been hacked?

Though this question does not have a defines the answer, but in some cases we consider our website operations to be minimum and overlook the threat of hacking lowering the security. Sometimes sites get hacked as they are more vulnerable. Hackers commonly use some type of automated process to go through the internet to find the well-known vulnerabilities of the websites their bots or program visits. It works somewhat like search engine bot, where they collect information about different websites like what you do and what you offer, but for a different objective. When these bots find the point of vulnerability they just get forward and explode it. This means they inflict virus to the website, or get the information from your database to sell off with better profits or/and they can get the required creatives. The major problem is if any website is hack-able they can do anything to it.


So, now the question is what can be done?

Switch from any of it whether it is WordPress, Joomla, Magento or any other OS these CMS’s for Website Designing. As all these have failed in context to security irrespective of whatever you do, you can’t be assured of being safeguarded against hacking. If you are lucky enough your site will not be affected but you have to bait your future on luck.

All these CMS’s are feeble on their constitution as they are actually made to make the website creation simple and facile for everyone with or without experience in online business and enables various customization. This may sound fascinating you must remember every facility comes with a price. The same facility allows someone to make a template or customize the programming making way to the vulnerability that can be exploited. Generally, these websites are made with an open door that permits anyone with any intention in and out.

But there are ways that can fortify your website from it getting hacked. Here are some of the tips:

  • Keep software up to date
  • Switch to HTTPS
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)

Using these advanced steps can help you to keep your website safe from the hackers and help your online business to flourish well online without any threat of hacking.


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