Stationery – An efficient marketing tool for promoting your business successfully

Having the business stationery is not an important aspect as it’s thought by many businesses or they just purchase it anyway. But if you give a careful thought about the necessities, then you will find in as an essential aspect of every business. Custom stationery has its own appeal and significance in providing your business an extra edge. It represents professionalism and is helpful to impress new clients. Even if investing in custom stationery design it will certainly pay off whenever you meet a client or have a business meeting and hand over a business card. This will give you an advantage over the allied companies handing over a cheap business card or official documents in a generic letterhead. This can even raise a question upon the credibility of the company.

A customized stationery set or for that matter a business card will hold the essence of the business in the form of logo imprinted on it. While you are corresponding a meeting with business delegates the first thing they look at is your business card and you present the other required docs in the customized folder that enhances the trustworthiness of your company. Let’s take a glance on the other points that can be proved to be beneficial:

Stationery design as a great Marketing tool To promote your business the campaigns you will set can include flyer circulation that can create maximum awareness and exposure. Various types of stationery can have a definite use for the advertising as it has got the logo imprinted on it depicting the specialty of your company. The different stationery items include business cards, letterheads, brochures, folders, contract proposals etc. By these items, you can constantly be publicizing your brand in a creative and non-interfering way. It will reflect the company values and enhance the trust among the target audience.

Customized stationery are unique Companies provide your own specification for the stationery design that suits the business requirements and desires. There are various agencies that offer a professional stationery design with the perfect selection of colors, theme, fonts and images that give a personal touch to it. This results in the distinct design that depicts the company essence and attracts more clients. The concept must be innovative that makes your brand stand out in the crowd. It’s a great way to show your professionalism and something tangible really enhances the trustability of the target audience. It increases the public visibility and a gives large exposure.

Explicit and Exclusive While many company owners do not bother about having business stationery this gives you a fair chance to take an advantage in making the company image much stronger among the clients and perspective clients. Keeping the business card and some other required items with the client in trade fare will improve the chance of your getting the project. Moreover, when you give a brochure to a person visiting your office it leaves you with a chance of getting a potential client as he or she may thing and decide later on to go for the service or product.


Make your website SEO-friendly

There are certain important steps a website designer should follow while building a website for a brand. As per Google norms if such steps are followed, then a site has the chances of getting maximum traffic over a short span of time. Today there is lots of competition among websites to gain the most of the market shares. So if the site is not following the google norms then that website has to suffer some penalty which will effect the site popularity and promotion campaigning.

So let’s see what are those steps for website designing company needs to follow:-

1) Give Visitors the information they are searching for:-

Provide contents which are of very high quality and informative. It should fulfill the information need of your visitors especially for the home pages. This is the most important thing to do. If your webpages contain useful information then the users will entice automatically towards your site. Use words which are simple and easy to understand. Then webmaster will link it to your site. The topic should be clearly and accurately narrated. First of all, you need to think which words users would type to search then use those words on your site to get maximum traffic for your site.

2) Make sure that other sites link to yours:-

Links actually help google crawlers to find your site & give your site high visibility on search engines. Google actually uses a text matching technique to display pages that are both important and relevant for the users. Google algorithms are smart enough to detect the natural links and unnatural links. So it is good to maintain a dynamic flow of natural links to get the site traffic. There are certain links of websites which try to gain more traffic using those unnatural link building.

3) Make your site easily accessible:-

Every site should be build using logical link structure & every page should be reachable using one static text link. Text browser Lynx should be used in maximum time as they are crawled by Google spiders more easily. Other platforms it takes time to give you a better rank.

So these are some basic guidelines which a brand needs to follow while running a website. Today Search engines are quite smart to understand each & every loopholes of your website to blacklist it easily. So certain preventive measures are essential to keep the site clean and completely free from any technical obligation. Google bots always crawl on most attractive and keyword-friendly text to give your website a very high rank in their search engine. Innovative text or contents have always the chances to get maximum number of visits per day. That is the reason why website design has became much more challenging and competitive now a days to handle it in an appropriate manner. Thus above guidelines are the main pillar for an effective traffic driven website in the long run for your business.


Advanced Digital marketing tips for prominent online visibility and sales

People are getting information about new products not only when they visit a store or browsing the internet on their PCs. There are various devices, other avenues and social media platforms to get them all details about the products that hit the market, every day or shall I say every hour. Every moment we are exposed to advancing technological world that has amazing products, services and digital addition. Digital marketing strategies must be tailored according to growing products.

If we look at the trends being followed in 2016 we can understand that there is a real call for creativity and the analytical idea that helped to execute these most norms. And is totally worth to keep these trend in mind. Therefore, we can assume with an analytical approach the upcoming steps that can help to boost your business online in the coming year.

Social media platforms can have more weightage in terms of e-commerce and search than Google

Just imagine about the news feed that says googling on Facebook and got the options to buy the items with the help of messaging on Facebook? This can be a great idea and moreover, it is more useful if you can use it for your small business to increase the sales. Facebook is now in the experimental for creating their own search engine that will enhance the search ability to many folds for the social media platforms. If this materializes brands will have more visibility increase with these facilities. Business owners can communicate readily with the help of this medium and customers will be able to purchase desired items through the app via messaging, even without login into the e-commerce website.

Snapchat ads with popularity can come with date of expiry (additional information)

Snapchat swiped the world of social media. All the digitally aware audience and a large chunk of people used this medium for sharing pictures, videos were shared in a very short span of time. If you are unaware of Snapchat then let me tell you, it is a messaging app providing options to share photographs, videos recordings with an addition of text to those images you can to send them to an any of their contacts anytime.

Not many brands have used this medium as a marketing tool but in 2017 inevitably it can’t be ignored. The bait is it comes with a time limit and expiry date. Coordinated marketing campaigns can be created that will only with content for the exclusively for youngsters, which is quite a challenging task to do. Creating Podcast with the newly launched products and services with videos. This will give your branding process a new high and will gain more views from people. As real-time advertising is gaining more significance so brands to create the medium which will enable the users to know the products better other than experiencing it.

Advertising through Instagram

Instagram has turned out to be a beneficial tool for successful business. Today’s world relies more on visual stimulation and Instagram is the perfect medium that to create the correct impact on the audience. Now you use it for sharing pictures of your life events that day is not far when thinking heads at the back of the brands at the corporate arena will use this as an efficacious medium for advertising products and services. Instagram has lately provided a paid advertising option for some of the distinct developer partners and isn’t available to all other companies. It will be wise if you prepare for advertising on Instagram as soon the feature can be available for all businesses. Creating carousel or video ads can have a staggering impact on the viewers.

Let customers be the promoting factor for your brand

If any of friend tells about a new product is amazing that he purchased you will definitely believe his words. And then the next thing you would like to do is buy it for the experience. The marketers can also use the same process for their benefit. There comes the concept of user created content. Brands may use the experience of the consumers as the content and let the customers promote your brand like on sharing on platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Periscope. This will be a brilliant idea for promoting your business online.


E-commerce SEO Guide for the beginners

How to increase the visibility and sales of a online shop gradually resulting enhanced sale rate? Bang comes the answer – SEO. The strategical way to increase the organic traffic for the online e commerce business without the help of PPC – is e-commerce SEO.

Elucidating the ecommerce Seo with the difference from normal SEO will make it easier for you to learn the process. Coming to the most obvious question :

What is e-commerce SEO?

This is term here used to explain the search engine optimization techniques for webshops only. Or we can say the set of guidelines that completely applies for e-commerce customization for making it search engine friendly. The next thing to ponder upon is, whether it the both have any difference or not? Well, it has covers all the SEO conception along with set of specific guidelines for the mentioned type.

For example, for a non-commerce website, the category pages may not be so important SEO wise, but for an e-commerce website they are important and need special attention.

Another difference is blogging. An active blog has a different role to play when doing SEO for e-commerce websites and when doing SEO for non-e-commerce websites.

To avoid any confusion, anything you read about SEO in my SEO Tutorial or SEO Guide, is applicable for online shops as well. Shop SEO is over and above normal SEO.

The obvious question is, what is the different between e-commerce SEO and SEO in general?

Is it the same thing with a different name?

Not quite.

E-commerce SEO includes all concepts of SEO with an addition of some guidelines that are specific to online shops that may not be applicable to other types of websites.

For example, for a non-commerce website, the category pages may not be so important SEO wise, but for an e-commerce website they are important and need special attention.

Another difference is blogging. An active blog has a different role to play when doing SEO for e-commerce websites and when doing SEO for non-e-commerce websites.

To avoid any confusion, anything you read about SEO in my SEO Tutorial or SEO Guide, is applicable for online shops as well. Shop SEO is over and above normal SEO.

SEO It’s the only way to create a long lasting online business

If you already have an online shop, you should know that there are a number of ways to get instant traffic to your website.

Google Adwords is one of the most popular and efficient ways to get traffic fast, followed by Facebook and other social networks (depending on your niche).

The problem with these methods is that once you stop paying for advertising, traffic and sales will drop.

That’s not the case with SEO.

Know the Steps to create a prospering marketing campaign

‘Just doing it’ is not enough while we are talking about marketing campaign for a business. But this often happens with the small business, they create a Facebook page and with unplanned ads here and there and think the work do be done. But, this type of “ doing it” is of no use and just as fishing on a dry land you can try doing all sorts of effort to get a big catch with this but sadly, you can’t because you are not anywhere near to the river.

Now the point is how you can get a great catch? Follow the points provided here for creating a effective marketing campaign.

Evaluate about the suitability of the marketing campaign with the marketing plan.

Having a proper marketing plan before conceptualizing a campaign is mandatory. Its the rudimentary step basing on it and getting the information about the target audience and objectives. Whereas marketing campaign is the a part of the plan that is implemented to attain a specific target. When you find your marketing campaign completely fitting with rest of your plan and you are well aware of the target market and then you can easily strategize the best way to convince the audience.

Decide your campaign objective and variables
What you want to achieve through the campaign should be the objective. The answer to this can’t be vague like you want sales, but for what products and services? You have to decide parameters as the specifications for the campaign. Time is always a most important component that has to fixed as a campaign loses it’s efficiency after a period of time.

So, the general recipe for the objective is: objective to be achieved + the time period of running the campaign. For example – The sales of the ladies apparels will increase by 40% in three months.

Finalize how will you measure the effectiveness
How you are going to gauge the success rate or which is metrics that you will use? If you intent to increase the sales of the ladies apparel by 40% in 3 months the metrics that can help you measure is the number of sales gained in the given time period. But if the objective is to maximize the brand awareness and the ranking on SERP (which a parameter for SEO) then the above mentioned metrics cant be the measuring parameter. You can check the Analytics for help.

Fix the marketing budget
One of the major factors in setting your campaign budget. Don not rely on the free advertising strategies for your brand, maybe its the biggest mistake some of small business entrepreneurs do. This of the most effective, conveying and persuading way to reach the potential customers. You don’t have to spend a huge amount but you have to incur some amount for the marketing campaign.

Select the campaign strategy to communicate
Which are platforms or channels that you will need? Like email, direct mail or Google Ads, which can strengthen your campaign most? Some can give better results than other depending on the target audience. Simple questions that can help you decide are: where the audience invest their time more? Where can your product or service can get maximum heed by the customers? In a print media? Or on a mobile or laptop?

Create plan of action
Chalk out the plan of action. It can be done in short, where and what exactly you for having a record and better way to evaluate the success.

Implement the process
Create the Ad copy and place the ads for an online campaign. Ask someone to search it to check the functionality of the campaign, then check and activate.

Measure your results
After the completion of the time period measure the results to know the success rate. Tally with the marketing objective you have set. And then do the tweaking if required and repeat if the results are good.

How infographics help event content managers

There are event content managers are always in the focal point of those events who care about there online longevity. If the content is the part of your business strategy then infographics can play a very vital role in establishing your brand position in the market. As content has become the most important part of branding strategy so a content with a relevant infographics can boost your brand image. As pictorial representation of any content can lead to easy understanding of any content from the part of viewers.

Let’s see that how event content managers use infographics as a prime marketing tool.

1) Content Marketing: The new & old thing
The concept of content marketing is nothing new but the techniques of representing the idea has evolved a lot. Today only relevant text is not enough to communicate the business message. As viewers today are very reluctant to read long text or story which brand want to communicate. If in the place of only text a relevant infographic video is used then it will grab the attention of the consumer and provoke that person to engage with the brand message. It is especially required more in this of event management.

2) Social Media changed Everything:- Distribution of Content has become inaccessible for long. But after the introduction of social media campaigning the chances of spreading content has become easier than before. No longer big budgets or media planning is essential today. That is the reason why a content with infographics has become important today. Event content managers uses infographics in social media platforms to increase their reach because of the fact that infographics are by nature hold certain features which makes it co-created , exclusive, and media reach.

3) Gearing Up numbers:- Infographics helps in gearing up the your conversion rate strategically. Event content managers likes to hold the pulse of their target audience. That is the reason why relevant creative videos can communicate the emotion of your brand. Text plays a supportive role to provoke the customers for a buying decision.

4) Coming Up with new ideas:- Bloggers often face the difficulty of coming up with new and original ideas as many company don’t allow it. But with the introduction of the infographics thinks has become much easier and worthy to relate with the target audience. It has also increases the transparent nature of the brand especially in the media sector.

That is the reason why most of the brands today are focusing communicating their message using videos more. New technologies with advance approach can build a very strong reputation for your brand. Event content managers always crave for contents which can relate to events which are bothering the society and the people at a large. That is the reason why most of the time when they got the chance to express something in more acute manner they go for contents which hold relevant present life videos to reach their target audience.

Changing trends of digital marketing in 2017

There has been a drastic change in the digital marketing trends in 2017. At a very fast pace the tools and techniques of digital marketing are changing. Due to the increase rate of competition in global market every business website tries to outshine other with its innovative features application in their website. There are more new latest technologies are coming in the market in 2017 to change the entire Digital marketing procedure and to start a new era of marketing activity.

So let’s see what are those changes which are coming in digital marketing world:-

1) New products roll in the form of brand revolution:- As consumers have become more prone to social media. So it has now become very much essential for the brands that they keep on promoting their products with all its videos,info graphics, and business messages through various social media platforms. To reduce the chances of annoyance brands are creating creative ads to ensure brand engagement in social media.

2) A.I. solutions to meet customer expectation:- Artificial intelligence will we used to understand the consumer behavior in advance to meet their growing need. With the application of these technologies it ensures better brand engagement than before. As analytics tool help out marketeers to understand in a more refine way that what the consumers are searching for & who are your real time target audience.

3) Niche Curation sort out the information overload:- Today consumers have less time to read a whole out of contents to make a buying decision. So now the trend is coming where crisp and related information of the brand products or services will be present in the content. That is the reason why most of the content writers are now using product related information to grab the customers attention.

4) Mobile Devices forge on prompt decision making:- With the increase in number of app creation for every online store and even small businesses are developing apps to promote their brand awareness in the market. That is the reason why most of the app development agencies are now updating customized features to support the branding activity effectively.

5) Consistent hammering of a brand product through banner ads:- Banner ads , pop ups ,disruptive brand messages,and in stream ads today make the branding action much more powerful than ever. Consumers are bound to engage with this promotions and may reach on a purchasing decisions.

Thus it is being expected that 2017 will bring the new era in Digital marketing world. So to keep up the pace with the changing trends. It is essential that brands should introduce updated features in their business websites to enhance their marketing activity.

That is why most of the brands today using various new and innovative platforms of social and digital media to promote their branding activity. So it is being expected that well known brands of various countries across the globe will adopt these new changes to boost up their marketing activity.