An enticing book cover is always helpful in attracting the viewers. It must have the features or properties that can reveal and connect to the content in it. Though like every graphical aspect undergoes certain changes and some elements or design techniques acquire people’s as well as industry experts’ preferences creating trends. Likewise, the coming year is also going to have some styles that can appeal people better and reach the popularity.

The ingenuous trending book cover designs for 2018 that will be dominating:

Bold typography

Loud, attention-seeking fonts have been trending since last few years and give no signs of losing popularity. The most of the space available on a cover page is utilized by the text in the use of bold typography. Capitalized alphabets actually scream at the lookers in a distinct way to be appealing to them – sometimes the complete title. A famous author Jonathan Safran Foer is well known for choosing typographic covers. The style is evolving and in 2018 the refinement it has undergone is in place of clean typography, keep an eye for organic touches from print, such as brushstroke letters and also we can see the use of obfuscate portions of text with a different pattern.

Minimalist covers

Minimalist cover designs subtly claim attention. On the other end of the subject, designers are shunning the busy look and preferring to create something quite yet functionally minimalist cover designs. This style is not engaging in bigger letters and patterns but emphasizes on a single element and allow it to get the focus.

Hand-drawn covers

This is the revolutionary idea that is making way through the running year to 2018. It engulfs a great range of covers from novels to children’s book, illustrated covers have been rampantly used since last year. Approaching year can see a bent away from the intense girly, floral designs to an encompassing of cool and edgy, androgynous trend.

The seventies and eighties designs

The styles of 70’s and 80’s are again in popularity. It brings back the memories of the past with nostalgia when things were simpler. TV’s were overrun with the shows and book covers also reflected that. 2018 will again give us back the past essence of fonts, color selections, and images. Large 70’s fonts, like Rage and Goodbye Vitamin, seems general in the modern bookshelf as from 1976.

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is a well-accepted term for the present kind of muted pinks in the dusty or greyed rose family that has been chosen by the internet-savvy brands from the past few months. While you can well observe that it is unavoidable to surf the internet, millennial pink has spread its reach to the book cover arena too, specifically those geared to women.



Make The Extra Impact With Customized Stationery

Your business should be completely equipped to aid a strong marketing campaign for attaining recognition and gradually get popular. While every company or organization is trying to promote its persona in the best possible way to entice the audience. But it has become a daunting task to grab the attention of the target market as people are exposed to en number of options that keeps on increasing with every passing day. People have all the avenues to do complete research and go for the brand that can impress them.

When this is the scenario, you have to reach the potential customers with distinctness. The marketing process may involve other mediums too along with digital promotion as it will add the uniqueness required. Nothing can be better than involving in the print promotion. I know you must be thinking it as a costly affair but with the advanced graphic design techniques, it has become easy to go for a customized business card, letterheads, brochures, flyers, billboard etc.

A customized business card with a brand logo on it enhances the professional appeal of the brand towards the clients and customers. While the logo makes your business essence and your services or product befit to them.

The set of customized stationery like a logo imprinted T-shirt, pen or other smaller things can improve the brand recognition. Even it will encourage the most effective way of marketing that’s through ‘word of mouth’. This is just one aspect.

When you bank upon on email campaigns, the promotional emails often get overlooked or get a place in the spam section but in the case of a brochure or flyers it will always claim a look can never go unnoticed and if the print material is professional and something innovative it can intrigue the audience to customers. The concept, design, text, fonts, color tone all should evoke the business essence and touch the right chord.

Relevant color can help the audiences to relate to the business. The most beneficial point is when you get a professional infographic created for the digital promotion purpose printing the same can serve the print promotion too. Something tangible is always more reliable for and increases the trust factor among the target demography. The interesting layout and simple way of depicting the message make it easily conceivable.

While the world going digital you can always explore the other options for getting the extra edge over others in the most professional way. There are various professional print design firms and you can choose a reliable one for your requirement.

why Do You Need To Use 301 Redirection?

Like we change our residence while the postal address also needs to be edited to get the all the postal document correctly delivered. In the same way, 301 redirect is required to permanently transmit one web address to another.

Just like when you change your home address to a new one and want your post to land at the new address, a 301 redirect is a permanent transmit from one web address to another. The stark difference between the two is that the former one involves technology and dark stuff only techies know while the latter is implemented by traditional means. Armed with web hosting expertise and experience, Pulse Solutions offers its service in the area of 301 redirects to customers across international borders as part of its online marketing solutions. The company uses its powerful web designing skills and Search Engine optimization expertise to increase customer sales for its clients.

Why have a 301 redirect?

When you want to change your URL address to a new one and direct traffic accordingly.

When you want to direct traffic to a single website address and avoid Google penalizing you for thinking you have two addresses when people mistakenly type in your URL e.g. http:(slash)xyz(DOT)com” instead of http:(doubleslash)xyz(DOT)com The confusion over two addresses will lower your search engine rankings with links on each address counted independently as two separate addresses.

When you update your website from an older content management system to a new one. If you don’t use a 301 redirect, anyone clicking on an old link in Google’s search results won’t be able to find your new website. This is because Google would have indexed your old page. A 301 redirect will give information to Google to update its search results to your new web address when it attempts to index your old page.

A 301 redirect also takes care of any inbound links coming from other websites and ensures users get on the right page.

Search Engine Optimization Service – Best Practices

Don’t let your SEO Campaign suffer! A 301 redirect benefits both users and search engines. Serving a 301 is an indicator to browsers and search engines that the page has moved permanently. Search engines translate this shift as an indicator of progress: the page has not only changed location but now has contemporary content on the new URL as well. The search engine will transmit all links from the original page to the new URL. It will take some time for the search engine to discover the 301, recognize it and acclaim the new page with rankings and the faith reposed in the earlier page. This delay is further augmented if the page isn’t familiar with search engine spiders or if the URL doesn’t correctly resolve.

How Customization Your Website Enhance The Sales Chances

Customization of website is an indispensable factor of the present online techniques, with desirable results in terms of increased conversion. This also benefits in better audience engagement which enables brand appreciation and loyal customers. According to a marketing survey. Nearly 95% of marketers support personalize of user experience is essential for today’s and future’s successful online presence of your website. To interest, the targeted audience and potential customer in this steep competitive market companies must offer customized user experience like tailor-made offer, extremely relevant content that will be highly engaging and in the up to date format. By using these simple tweaks, you can expect more sales and revenue generation.

Recognizing the correct set of Customers

One of the main factors that should be considered for customization of a website is knowing the accurate profile of the users. This is decisive as the content should be structured in ways that will resonate their needs and requirements. An example will make it clearer – location based targeting is most effective and largely used customization technique. As while you are into apparel selling business, identifying the area from where you get the maximum views must be targeted while the other places should be treated secondarily. And this will help to make the users satisfied. Some of the recent studies reveal that website visitors become annoyed and frustrated when they find offers on the site which are not applicable or irrelevant to them.

Automating sales and advertising

Website customization along with enhancing the digital experience of the users makes the complete process convenient for the digital marketers as simplifies user management. Setting up ad campaign has a start and end dates scheduling it for the few areas that can ensure relevant consumers makes the campaign more effective. A Website allows for seasonal items display along with other triggers, such as the number of clicks, visits and other user behaviors data.

Example – you can see a particular user always clicking on a specific shopping category. Studying and analyzing the data can help in culminating an advertisement that can gain the users’ interest along with choosing the right time for displaying the ad.

Enterprise and B2B Website customization

Website customization is not only limited to online retailers and e-commerce sites. Other enterprises and B2B website, web apps, and software offerings as services offering sites can

also be highly benefited by this technique. User experience is always an integral part of the business for B2B companies also it enhances the functionality. For example – web apps that can interest people and retain the user preference require less time to become popular and give streamlined productivity because the user finds it simple to use the app.

To sum it up web sum it up, when a website is not personalized it provides less user-oriented experience and your business message.

Importance Of Images In Marketing Campaign Or For Building Strategy

Images attract more attention than text. In a research study, it is being proved that human brain is more responsive to images than text content.

They are actually they are the life blood of your marketing campaigns. Both online, as well as offline viewers of your products or services, are more responsive to your images. Attractive and innovative image content can boost your business promotion more effectively and efficiently. That is the reason why our ancestors use pictures and images to communicate their messages among themselves every time when they need it.

Now Let’s explore the importance of images in marketing the brand’s message to its viewers:

Use relevant image as per the topic:- The image which you use in your online or offline mode of marketing should co-relate with the context of the topic. As image has the ability to speak a hundred words about your products or services so you need to make it very attractive & very simple to understand by the viewers. If the brand product is shoes then it should reflect the image of shoes only not bat or anything irrelevant to the topic.

Usage of a Most attractive image to tell your story:- For performing these task of putting an attractive image for your branding you don’t need to higher any photographer or any Photoshop wizard. Just the thing which you need to do is to check those images which can easily tell your story or can communicate your brand message effectively to your target audience in a very small span of time. It should hit the interest of the reader or viewer of your content.

Let the image speak for your brand:- Don’t use too many text content to communicate your brand message keep a proper balance between your image posting and content writing to ensure better returns on your investment.

Alignment of images with audience preferences:- The images which you use in your marketing campaign should go with the taste & preferences of your target audience. For that certain things, you need to keep in mind like demography, socioeconomic status & level of income of each & every household before pushing your image in the market to capture the audience attention for your brand.

Consistent visual style:- The visuals which are used not only support your marketing campaign but also helps to tell something about your brand character that how consistent you are in maintaining your quality of your service or product. It made brand engagement stronger and helps to create a long-term relationship with your prospective client.

Thus images play a very vital and important role in showcasing your brand message in front of your target audience. That is the reason why images are placed before promoting your brand in the market. Every organization today use unique animated images to describe the story of a brand message creatively to make a long-term impression on client’s mind. That is why images have become an integral part of branding today.

Know Why And How Your Website Can Get Hacked

While the complete corporate arena is operating online, there persists an apprehension about our online representation being intruded. That is, there always lurks a chance of a website getting hacked and all our credibility and profits are brought to nil within no time. And it is a thing that happens every day and any site can fall prey to it without any distinction on who they are. If you own an e-commerce website and it gets hacked, there is a high chance that the customer’s detail can get compromised and you lose their loyalty towards the brand as their information seems unsafe with you. This can be seen as the major problem with a website being hacked.

Why has my website been hacked?

Though this question does not have a defines the answer, but in some cases we consider our website operations to be minimum and overlook the threat of hacking lowering the security. Sometimes sites get hacked as they are more vulnerable. Hackers commonly use some type of automated process to go through the internet to find the well-known vulnerabilities of the websites their bots or program visits. It works somewhat like search engine bot, where they collect information about different websites like what you do and what you offer, but for a different objective. When these bots find the point of vulnerability they just get forward and explode it. This means they inflict virus to the website, or get the information from your database to sell off with better profits or/and they can get the required creatives. The major problem is if any website is hackable they can do anything to it.

So, now the question is what can be done?

Switch from any of it whether it is WordPress, Joomla, Magento or any other OS these CMS’s for website design. As all these have failed in context to security irrespective of whatever you do, you can’t be assured of being safeguarded against hacking. If you are lucky enough your site will not be affected but you have to bait your future on luck.

All these CMS’s are feeble on their constitution as they are actually made to make the website creation simple and facile for everyone with or without experience in online business and enables various customization. This may sound fascinating you must remember every facility comes with a price. The same facility allows someone to make a template or customize the programming making way to the vulnerability that can be exploited. Generally, these websites are made with an open door that permits anyone with any intention in and out.

But there are ways that can fortify your website from it getting hacked. Here are some of the tips:

  • Keep software up to date

  • Switch to HTTPS

  • SQL injection

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)

Using these advanced steps can help you to keep your website safe from the hackers and help your online business to flourish well online without any threat of hacking.

Typography Hierarchy That Can Give Distinct Value to Designs

When people look at any design what they consider first is the type. It goes without saying that it must be clear and readable and motivate the users to go through the design, from the most important thing of the designs to the least significant one. And, this process refers to the typographic hierarchy in a gist. But to bring a professional appeal to your art you inevitably need to know how to layer typography all through the design to receive the maximum benefit. Now here are some simple tips that will help you to master the typography hierarchy to create the professional designing magic in all your projects.

It is yet another aspect of visual hierarchy, a sub-hierarchy intrinsically is, in general, a designing element. This concept supports the lettering so that the words that are of greater importance are displayed with more emphasis to be most impactful for the viewers to see the main information first.

Not having an idea of typographic hierarchy. Every letter, every word, and all the sentence would look same in a design. Can you even think of any piece of design like a website, brochure or anything else, all having same fonts, same size, and same color? What to focus on? How is one is going to make out what matters maximum?

So this process creates proper contrast among the elements. And a designer brings this aspect to the design by using typefaces, different sizes, bold and lowercase alphabets, orientation and colors. Using these points an expert creates a type that is divided into various layers.

Primary Level

This is the face where all of the typography is big. Like used in headlines & decks, that entices viewers to the design. This is the biggest one if you are going to typographic art.

Secondary Level

This the next level and this includes nuggets of scannable information that interests audience to stay with the design. This encompasses elements like subheadings, captions, quotes, infographics and some other smaller blocks of text. The design of these text blocks is on the large side, but typically much smaller than lettering in the primary level of typography.

Tertiary Level

This level is also significant for design purpose. It is most obviously the smallest type in the design but must be of proper size, to be readable to all potential audiences. The typeface must be simple and consistency should be maintained in any design.


There are chances that you design something with a typographic hierarchy without so precisely thinking of it. But considering the typeface will help you to create a well-aligned and attractively design logo in the long run.