Tips to make a flyer strong marketing tool for your business

It is obvious that you want to entice the customers towards your brand, product or services. Though marketing, at present, is getting restricted to the digital world only. But, it is not only the way while using a print promotional idea is a great way to make your business popular to the global audience.

A simple flyer can be a nice effort to inform the customers about any promotional offer or even if you want to create a brand awareness. One of the added advantages in print advertising is the credibility. A tangible material always claims more trust of the people. Well, promoting the old cliched and standard flyer will not be able to ‘cut the mustard’. It has to be innovative! So putting on your creative thinking cap and make out some exceptional ways to advertise your business, products or services. The objective is to bring people to your webshop or brick & mortar existence, so create is arousing fun and make it exciting. Here are some of the ways that can make the flyer int resting for the consumers.

Die-cut club card flyers

One simple trick that can help you make the flyers fun and tantalizing, implement die-cuts to create shapes. It will definitely get noticed. Say for example – You are an owner of a musical accessory company and you create a guitar shape card cut flyer or an outline of crowd applauding can be just amazing and easily catch the fancy of the potential customers.

Introduce a promotional offer in the flyer

Encourage your target audience to give you visit by presenting them with a great discount offer or print include a coupon code on the flyer. It can be some sort of price reduction for the mentioned time period on a product or you can mention a time limit until which your customers can enjoy 20% to 25% of off on buying any product of your brand. It may be a seasonal offer. Make it an increment for the customers to come back again to your website or shop.

Give the idea of some upcoming events

If you have planned some upcoming events, ensure that you use the flyer to inform the schedule to your audience by including the event calendar on the backside of the flyer. This can benefit in two ways, you are promoting the present offer along with the upcoming events. Even if one is not interested in the running offer then they may like some other opportunity that you are about to offer in the near future. This might give you some new customers.

Inclusion of QR codes

QR code is a brilliant idea, and with that on your flyer, your customer can reach you simply with their mobile phones. Include the QR code with some relevant interesting video or mobile code that the QR code can link to online and enable the audience to interact online. It is the most advanced way to tie up your digital and print marketing together to get the best results. Everyone has a mobile phone and so scanning the QR code they can reach your easily like never before.

The flyer may seem to be a small or unimportant tool but when optimized properly can bring your brand great recognition.


Common logo design pitfalls to be avoided for the desirable result

Logo is a symbol that symbolizes your company. It will serve as your identity as your logo design will be marketed to the public, thus your company should have a design that is worth to be marketed.

An effective logo design is unique, creative, attractive, and relevant. Your design should be carefully designed as it will describe what your company is all about.

Logos are usually the first thing that will be looked up by people, most especially if logos comprise the name of the company. People will no longer be interested in a company with uninteresting designs for logos. Bad logoa may affect the overall status of the company. People may perceive that the business is not good because of its inappropriate logo design.

Here are the common mistakes that could make a logo inappropriate and uninteresting to public:


Almost all logos have company names embedded on them. In fact, some companies have their own tag lines that were placed on their logos to attract more customers. However, if logo designer committed typography errors, but the sad thing is that, the errors have not been corrected yet. Logos will be able to gain bad criticisms from the public. Instead of gaining customers, companies will gain lots of negative feedback, and may even lose their old customers.

Using Clip-art

Clip-art graphics are pre-made graphics. Designers who will use these graphics will not be able to create and outstanding and unique logos as these clip-art graphics are standard and available to everyone. Logos that are using clip-art graphics can be perceived by customers as cheap logos. So in making a logo, customize your own design, or better tell your logo designer to make custom design.

Not Creating the Logo in Grayscale

Your logo design should look appear good in both black and white and colored image effects.


Make your logo as unique as possible to prevent issues of plagiarism. Remember that logos have rights too. They are owned by the ones who made them. So, in purchasing logos or hiring logo design services, ensure that the logos could be completely own by you.

Not Choosing a Good Color Combination

Colors are the first things that could attract people. Make sure that your logo had a good color combination so that people may not lose their interest to your business. The crowd will not be interested to logos that do not appear good to the eyes.


Complex logo designs could not attract people. Businesses that have complex could be interpreted as complicated businesses too. Of course, people will not go into businesses that instead of helping them with their concerns; they could just add confusions to them.

Effect on various websites as the recent Penguin update 4.0 – elucidated

As Google refreshes its algorithm constantly for providing a better user experience here is yet another step towards it. The latest update rolled is the penguin 4.0 and it has its own impact on the website. According to the experts it has given a long awaited relief for digital marketers. It has proved to be a boon, and now lets see why is so?

It was rolled out on September 23rd and it occurred to be beneficial for the Digital Marketing service providers. The reasons that the update is being considered to be favorable because:

  • The new algorithm only discourages the spam links rather than penalizing the website

  • Penguin update is now considered among the core algorithms of Google that will impact in real time.

  • Promotion of websites in the negative SEO approach has become less feasible.

  • This Penguin update will operate at a much more minute level

  • Penguin 4.0 encourages SEO real marketing.

Devaluing the links rather than the complete website can save the site from getting sandboxed. The main thing is at when Penguin update was rolled for the first time it was penitentiary for sites. And the result was if any of your website was affected by the update then the site suffered a major downfall in the search results. Of course with all the explanation to recover it from that position. The sharpness of penguin update added up with the misinformation regarding the algorithms gave rise to a negative environment and combative behavior between the website owners and Google. So the latest update is much of a relief it will only devalue the links not the whole website, it is like the devaluation compared diminishing value approach. Google will still bard the spam from affecting its search results, but this time it won’t create a threat in the business owner’s mind of dealing with slow crawling of Google penalty. More detrimental was the unsure recovery. Manual penalties are still in use nut are handled by perspicacious humans that are much more adept at evaluating the intent for the links. One point is that it is easy to identify manual penalties and convenient to detect and rectify.

Penguin update is now considered among the core algorithms of Google that will impact in real time.

The change that has been brought by refreshing the penguin data was in real time, which makes it easy to detect fast as it is more visible than the previous ones whose effect could be gauged after the re-indexing of the web page. When the update is done by Google to understand the impact and try recovering faster. It has been seen that the websites negatively affected by Penguin had to wait approximately for more than 500 days for this update.

At present Penguin 4.0 is real time, business owners with websites have to no longer brooding over Google’s next algorithm refresh. This will be a major advantage for SEOs, as if any, competing site outranks our clients site through spam, it will not be demoted in real time.


Illustration taking over the preferences of designer in the web world

Illustrations are conquering the creative finesse for website design in various forms ranging from complete screen illustrations to hand-drawn form that can used to complete projects. It seems to be in trends and increase as it has a feel of customization.

Lets see how you can derive the most from illustration design:

Illustrations posses feature of dynamic appeal and in fun to design while making bespoke website. You can include hand made images to different elements of typography everything is succumbed to sketched image in case of a complete illustration design or other resembles one of its type. This is one of the factors that serves as a reason for its popularity.

Yet there are several reasons for the designers are falling for illustration design

  • It allows the experts to depict their creativity in the fullest in the web design as it doesn’t focus on specification actual other people.

  • Essence of whimsy can be sufficed with drawing.

  • Illustration can create an surreal effect meshing imagination and reality.

  • Custom designing becomes more convenient with implementation of art elements.

  • There design kits in illustration packs that has complete illustration elements that can be very helpful in completing the project.

  • Illustration can use various hues and can help in creating the themes accurately with help of bright colors.

  • Defining various topics, moods in better way ranging from sketches to graphics and detailed drawing.

Full screen Illustration:

Like hero headers large images, it is the proper place to see how it is trending in the design world. It has used in multiple website, apps and portfolio designs. An additional advantage with illustration hero images has more room for an intricate piece of artwork. Small detail get more defined so, easier for the viewers to comprehend them like, shading and interactions.

Do not worry even there are simple tweaks that can help creating complex illustration.

The art design should be nice. Users are never going to pay attention to an illustration that they can not comprehend or for that is messy or sloppy. So need to work carefully for a great result.

The illustration can elaborate and complex but the gist or the message conveyed should be portrayed simply. Pay heed to the message crate image that can convey it in the simplest way.

Technical skills are important. So can take the help of professional illustration services. May be you can create hearts with petals of heart, that in no way mean that you can carry out a illustration design completely. It needs proper planning and professional execution.

Room for adding Simple Animation:

The web is live unlike the static drawing. Inclusion of some simple animation can be rocking idea, like implementing scroll effects that enhances the click rate. This will interest the viewers more and help them to be on the page for more time. Hover animations have a good impact on visitors having a fun element along with it being a navigation options.

How to earn monetary benefits through social media with smart content

Sometimes you feel investing time in promoting your website of blog through social media is useless? Or you are not getting enough advantages like other marketing efforts? The real scenario is not so. More than 70% of online users remain connected to some or the social media to know various information about brands.

At present, more than half of the marketers who are active on social platform for increasing sales. Moreover, 41% of small or local use this medium to boost sales.

Let’s look at the probable reasons behind the unsuccessful endeavor:

According to a survey made by the marketers provide that some businesses fail to attain sales due to some misconception. As they have a notion that posting regularly or updating some promotional text is enough to make people opt for the final sale. Some of the points that can help in driving revenue through this media boils down to these three steps:

  • Understanding the target audience

  • Quick response, solution to queries

  • Using both organic and paid ways

Necessity to choose a niche

The business owners or online marketers should select a proper niche to thrive the business. That is, the content should address the target audience and the information you provide in the blog post or other content that can convey the brand message. For instance, people who like non veg food will not be interested in the blog based on vegan food item where as many will be interested. So you have to tailor the content in a way that will be useful or one of the group.

Process to monetize social media

You can use this platform to obtain sign-ups for your email marketing campaign. You can introduce an discount on first sign-up or you can enable them to sign up through Facebook. You might consider affiliate marketing, where you partner with a social influencer who has an audience that would benefit from your product. If your interests align, the person or group will drive traffic to your site and get a percentage of the sales you make.

Lead generation

Most of the social networks work well for generating leads and filling your sales funnel. This is especially true for B2Bs. Look for third party tools developed for lead generation on specific social platforms. For example, Socedo is a Twitter lead generation tool.

How to increase Mobile Conversion to Quality Leads?

Some of the simple hacks of mobile conversion optimization to convert those to quality leads and increase the conversion rates. Gone are those days when only having a responsive website could suffice the engage the target audience and resulted in conversion. Present users are much smarter and are more choosy about their experiences. They want it to be customized for their devices. As the complete SEO process helps to get the relevant organic traffic to the website, here we will focus on the factors that can enhance mobile responsiveness. Here are some of the the key steps that can enhance your lead generation process though mobile. Keep the page design simple

  • Put the required page elements instead of ornamentation, reduce the distractions nearby the main ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) button.
  • Don’t engage your page with too many CTA’s in the page 1 or 2 is proper for desired results. And create them in a way to get it highlighted with the graphical treatments.
  • Create the clickable elements with proper space without jumbling with other features around to be easily understood by the users and reduce the number of involuntary clicks.

Optimize the forms length and the merge the several-step process 1. Make it short and precise which reduces the chances of ambiguity for the users. 2. You can include some takeaways to the left of the form like:

  • Mention the form has two steps
  • Connect to the field which explains that they looking for.
  • Making the CTA prominent and visible with bold color

Offer the opportunity to change device. Some percentage of the users seems to mobile surfers and desktop shoppers. Do not miss on this chunk of the audience, make it the way they want and try asking them for a shopping cart or website in an email. This can help the users to start the final process from where they left preferably from any device. Only creating an ’email shopping cart’ button is not enough, not only that, if you guide them to emailing then must provide the reason for it. For example – purchase it after the discussion from the desktop or buy it once you are completed with your work. Around 68% of the mobile surfing’s actually done at home on the bigger screened devices, so that makes it clear that final action is taken occurs though a desktop. Make the check out process prompt and easier

  • consolidate the billing and shipping process in one page
  • Provide GPS targeting for better location information than entering information by typing
  • Include click to call with phone number.
  • Create an option for the users to to save their account credentials with the log-in which makes the second buy easier.

Make it pictorial

  • If any of the messages can be described in image form, then go for that!. A visual or image is always better conceived on mobile versions than having to read a long text.
  • Icons can be impactful in this respect they look trendy and are more concise. Intuitive icons can be used as can be easily processed.


Pillars of modern website design

A simply optimized website is not enough in today’s competitive market. New factors need to be considered while designing a website for a brand. Content is considered as one of the most important part of website development. So in this case the consumer’s view to see a content has also changed. Modern & updated design, aesthetic and navigational considerations are taken care off while designing into the architecture of modern website development. One of the basic objective of website is to increase the conversion rate for your brand. There are basically five pillar approach of modern day web design.

  • Design

  • Usability

  • SEO

  • Content

  • Integration


A simple, clean engaging design is necessary for an effective website design. There are various brands in the market who spend huge amount of time and money in marketing and over optimizing a website. The reality is that there should be a perfect balance between looks and the content of the website. It should be modern but it should be informative enough to answer all the queries of a customer. For SEO performance also the structure of the website, content and design is important. The website’s navigation should be smooth enough to increase user engagement. The design and the content must compliment each other. So that it does not create any confusion in the mind of the viewer.

Usability:- Website development involves two important aspects of consideration from the point of view of the users.

First is the Information architecture:- It relates to content structure of the website.

Second is the Technical architecture:- It relates to crawlability, cannonicalization and indexing.

Proper eye tracking studies and user experience should be taken in to consideration while designing the website. A clear and concise headline should be used to catch the reader attention. Typography , color text and background should be catchy enough to hold the clients attention.


For getting effective results from the website it is essential that marketing and technical concepts should align with one another. There are certain steps which can ensure effective SEO for a website. Some of this steps includes building friendly URL structure. So that it becomes easy for search engine to understand what the URL is all about. If proper XML and HTML site maps are used then it can be helpful for search engine crawlers to correctly index your site. Relevant and descriptive post title should be written to make search engine crawlers easy to navigate.