How to earn monetary benefits through social media with smart content

Sometimes you feel investing time in promoting your website of blog through social media is useless? Or you are not getting enough advantages like other marketing efforts? The real scenario is not so. More than 70% of online users remain connected to some or the social media to know various information about brands.

At present, more than half of the marketers who are active on social platform for increasing sales. Moreover, 41% of small or local use this medium to boost sales.

Let’s look at the probable reasons behind the unsuccessful endeavor:

According to a survey made by the marketers provide that some businesses fail to attain sales due to some misconception. As they have a notion that posting regularly or updating some promotional text is enough to make people opt for the final sale. Some of the points that can help in driving revenue through this media boils down to these three steps:

  • Understanding the target audience

  • Quick response, solution to queries

  • Using both organic and paid ways

Necessity to choose a niche

The business owners or online marketers should select a proper niche to thrive the business. That is, the content should address the target audience and the information you provide in the blog post or other content that can convey the brand message. For instance, people who like non veg food will not be interested in the blog based on vegan food item where as many will be interested. So you have to tailor the content in a way that will be useful or one of the group.

Process to monetize social media

You can use this platform to obtain sign-ups for your email marketing campaign. You can introduce an discount on first sign-up or you can enable them to sign up through Facebook. You might consider affiliate marketing, where you partner with a social influencer who has an audience that would benefit from your product. If your interests align, the person or group will drive traffic to your site and get a percentage of the sales you make.

Lead generation

Most of the social networks work well for generating leads and filling your sales funnel. This is especially true for B2Bs. Look for third party tools developed for lead generation on specific social platforms. For example, Socedo is a Twitter lead generation tool.

How to increase Mobile Conversion to Quality Leads?

Some of the simple hacks of mobile conversion optimization to convert those to quality leads and increase the conversion rates. Gone are those days when only having a responsive website could suffice the engage the target audience and resulted in conversion. Present users are much smarter and are more choosy about their experiences. They want it to be customized for their devices. As the complete SEO process helps to get the relevant organic traffic to the website, here we will focus on the factors that can enhance mobile responsiveness. Here are some of the the key steps that can enhance your lead generation process though mobile. Keep the page design simple

  • Put the required page elements instead of ornamentation, reduce the distractions nearby the main ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) button.
  • Don’t engage your page with too many CTA’s in the page 1 or 2 is proper for desired results. And create them in a way to get it highlighted with the graphical treatments.
  • Create the clickable elements with proper space without jumbling with other features around to be easily understood by the users and reduce the number of involuntary clicks.

Optimize the forms length and the merge the several-step process 1. Make it short and precise which reduces the chances of ambiguity for the users. 2. You can include some takeaways to the left of the form like:

  • Mention the form has two steps
  • Connect to the field which explains that they looking for.
  • Making the CTA prominent and visible with bold color

Offer the opportunity to change device. Some percentage of the users seems to mobile surfers and desktop shoppers. Do not miss on this chunk of the audience, make it the way they want and try asking them for a shopping cart or website in an email. This can help the users to start the final process from where they left preferably from any device. Only creating an ’email shopping cart’ button is not enough, not only that, if you guide them to emailing then must provide the reason for it. For example – purchase it after the discussion from the desktop or buy it once you are completed with your work. Around 68% of the mobile surfing’s actually done at home on the bigger screened devices, so that makes it clear that final action is taken occurs though a desktop. Make the check out process prompt and easier

  • consolidate the billing and shipping process in one page
  • Provide GPS targeting for better location information than entering information by typing
  • Include click to call with phone number.
  • Create an option for the users to to save their account credentials with the log-in which makes the second buy easier.

Make it pictorial

  • If any of the messages can be described in image form, then go for that!. A visual or image is always better conceived on mobile versions than having to read a long text.
  • Icons can be impactful in this respect they look trendy and are more concise. Intuitive icons can be used as can be easily processed.


Pillars of modern website design

A simply optimized website is not enough in today’s competitive market. New factors need to be considered while designing a website for a brand. Content is considered as one of the most important part of website development. So in this case the consumer’s view to see a content has also changed. Modern & updated design, aesthetic and navigational considerations are taken care off while designing into the architecture of modern website development. One of the basic objective of website is to increase the conversion rate for your brand. There are basically five pillar approach of modern day web design.

  • Design

  • Usability

  • SEO

  • Content

  • Integration


A simple, clean engaging design is necessary for an effective website design. There are various brands in the market who spend huge amount of time and money in marketing and over optimizing a website. The reality is that there should be a perfect balance between looks and the content of the website. It should be modern but it should be informative enough to answer all the queries of a customer. For SEO performance also the structure of the website, content and design is important. The website’s navigation should be smooth enough to increase user engagement. The design and the content must compliment each other. So that it does not create any confusion in the mind of the viewer.

Usability:- Website development involves two important aspects of consideration from the point of view of the users.

First is the Information architecture:- It relates to content structure of the website.

Second is the Technical architecture:- It relates to crawlability, cannonicalization and indexing.

Proper eye tracking studies and user experience should be taken in to consideration while designing the website. A clear and concise headline should be used to catch the reader attention. Typography , color text and background should be catchy enough to hold the clients attention.


For getting effective results from the website it is essential that marketing and technical concepts should align with one another. There are certain steps which can ensure effective SEO for a website. Some of this steps includes building friendly URL structure. So that it becomes easy for search engine to understand what the URL is all about. If proper XML and HTML site maps are used then it can be helpful for search engine crawlers to correctly index your site. Relevant and descriptive post title should be written to make search engine crawlers easy to navigate.

Advanced Editor version introduced in Adwords making campaign creation simpler

With the newly added features in AdWords Editor 12 it also allows custom rules, quicker account downloads, and ease for bidding to utmost conversions and much more. Though it’s done after 3 years, Google (NASDAQ) has launched this Version 12 of the editor, it will really make the campaign management easy by following the innovative rules made by the company.

Now, if you are new in this industry and unaware of what an AdWords Editor is, then let me help you out with this. To start with it’s a free app that enables you to download your ad campaigns, do the required editing with the available tools and upload those to Adwords. The best part is, you can work offline without bothering about the internet.

And talking about the new version, its an improvement on the last version 11 with an array of features to almost address all the requirements of a campaign like UI to scalability and more. Version 11 was launched in December 2014 followed by periodic updates from the Version 11.8

Check out what are the new features:

Custom rules

It facilitates to create and make changes in the custom rules. The inbuilt rules can be changed to address the other special requirements of campaigns. If the set ideas don’t work you can pause them in bulk or even the specific one. If the edits made by you in the campaigns give rise to any violation of best practices, you will get notified beforehand. The notification will show an error.

Bidding to Utmost Conversions

Google’s Maximize Conversions technique eventually sets the best bid for every ad and enables you to get the maximum from the ad spend. Implementation of advanced machine learning, this factor enables to customize each bid and auction time.

New optional sections for Mobile-friendly ads

In this Version 12 of AdWords Editor, many optional sections have been provided to make the ads better responsive. The ads are modified automatically to set in the available ad space for on various sites. So, the native banner and dynamic text ads will get shapes accordingly. Adjustable ads covers ‘4:1 logo,’ ‘Price Prefix,’ and ‘CTA text.’ These features are really time-saving and lucrative, especially in the case of the multiple campaigns.

Making and modifying of Universal App Campaigns

The maximum number of videos and images you can use for universal app campaign creation is 20. Then the created apps can be boosted within other apps and mobile-friendly websites on the Display Network along with YouTube and Google Search.

Social Media Promotion for better Web Visibility

Since long social media platforms have become on of the strong tool to promote your brand, it is accepted by many entrepreneurs. Social media marketing can be very beneficial to acquire a whole lot of web traffic and make your brand a visible to most of the population globally. To some of the business owners it is still complicated tool unaware of the practical benefits.

Though a survey conducted by Hubspot states 90% of the marketers opine that social media promotion has resulted very advantageously for the business with 75% of them have notice significant increase in the web traffic on their websites. And as per social media survey 87% of the business owners are inputting their strategies in SMO considering it the efficient tool for web promotion.

The elaborate explanation can give you a clear picture of the advantages of the social media marketing and promotion.

Improved Brand Visibility and Recognition:

Every chance you get to syndicate the content and maximizing the visibility is very impactful. And social media are the platforms are the ways of conveying your brand message to the audience through content. This is effective because it at a time makes it convenient and more accessible for the potential customers and makes your brand known to make it more visible to the already existing customers. For instance a person with Twitter account can see see about your brand in the news feed. In case of an apathetic customer can become more acquainted with your company after he finds the presence of your brand on the various social networks.

Increase in Conversion rates:

Promotion on social media platform can result in increased conversion rates in some well-defined ways. Moreover, the most important aspect of it is humanizing element, the brand names becomes more familiar and trust-able by the interaction that can be done on social media platforms. Social media channels are the place where a business can act like a person, this is more beneficial as people like to deal with other people than other businesses.

In addition to that various studies have claimed that these channels have 100% more close to higher lead generation and more number of followers results in improved trust in the brand giving a social proof. So, this can help in building your audience and as a result will improve the conversion rates and the wen traffic.

Improved Search Engine Results:

SEO is the significant way to fetch relevant traffic through search in the search engines but to keep it maintained the requirements changes. It is no more adequate to only to update the blog section on regular basis whereas tweaks with tittle and meta description for proper optimization is also necessary. Google, Yahoo and other search engines gives heed to the social media presence as because various reputed brands always have strong social presence. Having an active presence on social media helps to create a “brand signal” that helps the search engine to gauge its trust-bility. That is, if you intent to have a better search engine ranking with specific keywords, having powerful social presence is unavoidable.


Get ideas about Brand recognition

Every brand wants to have the maximum brand awareness to flourish the business best. For a cutting-edge approach to cut through the noises of the competitors here are some interesting points you need to check:

Use Social Media techniques

79% of the user login to social media interaction through Facebook and it remains the most popular platform. Twitter — 24%, Pinterest — 31%, Instagram 32%, Linked in 29%. These are the user engagement rates of the most used social channels. This high popularity substantiates that promoting your brand on these channels can fetch maximum traffic to your website and leads to real conversions.

Create a unique PR campaign

Gaining media or press attention through a free advertising can work well. You can get new customers within no time. The difficult part is to come out with some interesting with newsworthy points that can convince potential consumers easily. It also depends on the targeted media, whether local, national or international and which platform you select i.e. print, Radio or through TV.

The simplest way is to conduct a PR. Do a survey in the related field and focus the newsworthy results that can highlight your brand. Or you may use hashtags like #pressrequest or #journorequest.

Manage an experiential stunt

When you are targeting existing and new consumers nothing can match the increase in brand awareness than an experienced stunt. The best part it can be useful for B2B and B2C companies. For example, if you organize a road show or a pop-up on street, it can gain your brand maximum awareness.

Get into the video marketing

Video marketing is getting popular very rapidly like the fire in the forest. With the astonishing number of 8 billion views through Facebook live video even overshadowing the 5 million of YouTube views per day makes clear the skyrocketing public preferences. When you create a great video content for promoting your products, services or brand there are high chances that you ca reach the potential customers. Even promoting the video on the social channels will make your customers interested in your brand.

Go for content marketing

Content marketing is in use for past few years now but still, is considered a strong marketing tool at large. The advantages are many like increasing relevant traffic, improving rank on search engine, accelerates lead generation for making your brand a reputable name in the industry. The most useful and common way is blogging regularly, you can create infographics, PPT’s and more.

These are the 5 effective tips that can help you market your brand effectively.

making your brand popular but with the understanding of the customer’s perspective, you can think of creative ideas yourself.


Useful tips to create SEO-Friendly URL Structure for WordPress

Probably URL optimization is one of the easiest tasks in SEO which you have to do in the beginning while you are using WordPress or any CMS. Now the questions come what is an SEO friendly URL and how it is effective for the site optimization? What type of SEO optimized permalink can be a benefiting factor for the website rank?

Firstly, URL is the structure that provides the web address of the website or a specific webpage as the term basically stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Each web page online has a unique URL and it somewhat depicts the domain.

Example – You are offering an Upholstery services and say you want your company’s name is ABC. A perfect URL will show the website domain of your business offering clearly. So it can be Any other brand offering the same can’t use the same name, this will make it unique.

Now, let’s focus on what’s SEO friendly URL? This actually means the structure of URL should be so constructed that will enable the search engine spiders to know the page location and purpose. It should include the keyword that is main among the set of other keywords. When you have to decide the URL of the other pages than the index or home page, then you can use the particular service related word for the extension.

For example – you want to design the page by highlighting the customized services so the URL that can justify will be – Proper optimization can help you to get the best SEO friendly structure for the Website URL. Though there are two parts when you are using WordPress or other CMS. Every post will require an optimized URL for the best impact on the users and the crawlers too. Each page can be segregated in two parts one is the domain and second in location or path to get the page on the website, while no two domain can have the same URL.

When you update a post the example of a Non- SEO friendly URL is:

And SEO friendly will be:

Now, when you know how to create an optimized URL, the next obvious question is why it’s significant for SEO? It enhances user experience As the user can easily know by reading the URL that page you have searched provides information about creating customized furniture and the same facility.

Significant SEO ranking factor Google always improved the algorithm when it comes to URL interpretation and presently every CMS are designed to be able to customize URL to be SEO optimized and it helps in ranking better.

Backlink creation A study conducted by Backlinko reveals top positioning URLs are those which are shorter. You can use a relevant keyword but stuffing can affect adversely, doubly. It will make the URL long and will provide no clear information to the search engine bot about the page. Maximum 3 words should be included in an SEO friendly URL or up to 2048 characters. Uppercase, lowercase, and spaces are not allowed in the perfect structure. For example – this is the wrong way. Customization of URL in WordPress:

It’s quite simple, let me explain it in a few steps

  • Go to the settings, permalink settings
  • select the Common Settings
  • write the custom structure you need for your website.
  • And for a published post URL, just go to the small edit button shown under the title and change it in a way that explains the topic.